Are you unsure about what to do next? Confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound. Receive the clarity you need to make an informed decision for your future.

How Does An Ultrasound Work?

An ultrasound reveals the contents of your uterus by using high-frequency sound waves. This safe and pain-free procedure determines more details about your pregnancy and informs you of the viability of your pregnancy, as well as pregnancy concerns.

Ectopic pregnancies, a pregnancy that is outside of the uterus, are a possibility. They can result in serious medical problems. An ectopic pregnancy can only be detected with an ultrasound.

Why Do You Need An Ultrasound?

Receiving an ultrasound in your first trimester of pregnancy is vital to the decision-making process. If you are considering abortion, you will need proof of pregnancy and learn how far along you are to determine which type of procedure you can have. An ultrasound tells you three major things about your pregnancy, including:

  1. The gestational age
  2. The location of your pregnancy (such as knowing if you have an ectopic pregnancy)
  3. The viability of your pregnancy

After confirming your pregnancy with an ultrasound, understand all your options before making a final pregnancy decision. You deserve to know about all your options.

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Confirming your pregnancy with an ultrasound will better equip you to understand what all your options are. You deserve to know about all your options before making a final pregnancy decision. Contact us today.